Micro-structuration of injected parts Micro-structuration of injected parts


Micro-structuration of injected parts

Over it fifteen years of activity CG.Tec has gained credibility in plastics micro-injection. To meet changing industrial needs, the research and development department carried out researches to incorporate details into molded parts.

The research project Con-Pro-Mi (Convergence of Micro-Injection Process,) carried out with private and public actors, served as basis for these investigations. In this framework CG.Tec had identified microstructuration of the tooling as a key aspect, these being manufactured on site.
Thanks to these studies micro-details could be integrated into an injected part: 16 sections of 0.1X0.1 mm over a resin thickness of 0.5 mm.

During the risk analysis review the Research and Development Department identified aspects which proved essential during the industrialization, i.e:The tooling pins were manufactured with the latest available EDM machine recently acquired by the firm. These were machined with a 5/100 wire to avoid overheating and warping.

In injection, the temperature regulation in the mold and its precision limited its dilatation and the occurrence of burrs. As a matter of fact the resin, a Peek with glass and carbon fibers, is injected between 380°C and 390°C in a mold heated at a temperature of 190°C.

Repeatability tests have shown results above all expectations. This success paves the way for new possibilities in routine production: the integration of new functions – like filtration – in the injected part being only an example.

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CG.Tec inaugurate their new premices CG.Tec inaugurate their new premices


CG.Tec inaugurate their new premices

On June 28 th, 2012, CG.Tec injection invited some local partners to inaugurate their new building.
Created in 1997 by Mr chouffot et M.Germain, the company who specializes in micro-injection, is based in Frasne, on the border to Switzerland. Fifteen years later, the premices were too tight to host the growing activity of the tooling workshop as well as the injection machines. Inbetween located in brand new buildings, CG.Tec exports the majority of its production to major international companies and employs 40 people.

The inauguration was the opportunity to guide visitors in the factory and initiate discussions between clients, local representatives, clusters, financial third parties, State, Region… A way for CG.Tec to express their gratitude to all supporting partners, especially the municipality of Frasne represented by the Mayor.

Article edited in Frasne Magazine, July 2012

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CG.Tec will attend the exhibition Micronora, which will take place in Besançon, Sept 25th – 28th CG.Tec will attend the exhibition Micronora, which will take place in Besançon, Sept 25th – 28th


CG.Tec will attend the exhibition Micronora, which will take place in Besançon, Sept 25th – 28th

This biennal venue has become the microtechnology exhibition in Europe. It is targeted at companies which seek technical solutions for their applications, whether medical, automotive, microelectronics, electromecanics, etc

We expect your visit on our booth 401/500 in Hall B2. We will present you our latest developments and challenges, which pave the way for new possibilities in injection.

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CG.Tec will participate in the seminar EuroMediag on July 5th and 6th, 2012 in Montpellier (France). CG.Tec will participate in the seminar EuroMediag on July 5th and 6th, 2012 in Montpellier (France).


CG.Tec will participate in the seminar EuroMediag on July 5th and 6th, 2012 in Montpellier (France).

CG.Tec will attend the seminar EuroMeDiag as a member of the cluster “Innovations et Polymères” (www.innovation-polymere.com),

This event, organized by the cluster EuroBioMed will host international conferences and B toB meetings within the Biotech branch. The goal is to commercialize new products emerging from R&D partnerships.

CG.Tec will be available to bring technological solutions to those who have micro-injection projects.

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Challenges of miniaturized parts for the plastic sector Challenges of miniaturized parts for the plastic sector


Challenges of miniaturized parts for the plastic sector

We have to admit that miniaturization of parts is the new trend. There are several advantages: lower weight, smaller size of parts and cheaper transport costs. This leads to savings on raw materials whose prices are increasing. Miniaturizing parts has an impact on several branches of the factory: first of all, the R&D department that has to change scale. Then, the injection specialist, who monitors the stability of the parts with smaller volumes to inject. And finally the tool maker, who looks for the micron unit precision. However the context is not the most favorable as mechanician skills become scarce.

A High-tech tooling workshop…

To face this changing environment, CG.Tec has decided to invest in high-tech equipment. Indeed, some machines have the ultra-precision that human skills cannot have. In 2011, the factory invested in an EDM oil machine and completed the workshop with a high accuracy three axe milling machine in 2012.

…to be more punctual and more precise

This micro machining centre is equipped with a touch probe system that is able to measure parts with a precision of 0.25µm. Very quickly, the investment has proved successful. It reduced the number of intermediary operations as well as the number of elements to adjust in the tool. As well as saving a significant amount of time , this center confirms its ability to meet a more and more demanding market.

The precision chain is thus insured throughout the manufacturing of the moulds keeping the micron unit as reference. It is important to keep in mind that CG.Tec is the only French factory to own this type of equipment: good news for customers who require quality which is always on schedule !

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ISO 13485 certified ISO 13485 certified


ISO 13485 certified

CG.Tec, expert in High tech plastic injection, has successfully achieved ISO 13485 registration. The structure perfectly complies with the customer’s quality requirements for medical devices.

In addition, an extension project has also been successfully conducted and the production area is now doubled, reaching 2200m².

The last step for the company is to group ISO 7 and ISO 8 laminar flows with upcoming equipment in order to create a dedicated area to products that require a process in controlled atmosphere.

ISO 13485: The quality management system for medical devices.

It is therefore quite natural that CG.Tec, strengthened by its presence on the medical market, has chosen to be certified in support of its clients. The company proves its capacity to supply technical parts in accordance with existing regulations and strict customers’ demand.

Innovation and excellence

CG.Tec supplies technical and economical solutions. The High Technology of its equipment, assisted by computer, ensures the otpimum precision, the reproducibility and 100% traceability on the finished product.

CG.Tec masters the injection and overmolding processes applied to High precision of tiny polymer parts.

As a result, CG.Tec has gained the confidence of major international accounts and exports 75% of its production.

Alain GERMAIN, co founder of CG.Tec

“The ISO 13485 certification is another milestone aiming at deploying CG.Tec medical strategy.

Investing in equipment is not enough. Our winning strategy has proven successful thanks to the commitment of each single employee.

Our team of experts is present during the whole development process of the part and provides a personnalized follow-up. We encourage teams to work jointly on the development and design so as to find the most suitable solution for the customer’s product.

We are proud to be recognized for our expertise and know-how. This allows us today to send millions of parts worldwide”.

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