Laser source Laser source


Laser source

CG.Tec has recently introduced a laser source on an injection-molding line.

The project dates back to the late 2000’s, when CG.Tec identified substantial cost savings for the customer.

Francis Pichot, automation manager, explains the concept:

“Once injected the parts are unloaded through a gripping hand. As their orientation is known, introducing an additional operation does not require extra effort. The cycle time remains unchanged: the part is marked while another one is being injected.

If considered as individual steps, parts undergoing further operations need to be orientated through vibratory bowls, which always represent significant investments and is time demanding. Integrating extra processes on a production line is therefore not only cost effective but also reduces the lead time.

This concept attracts more and more customers, who identify CG.Tec not only for the know-how in tool-making and injection-molding, but also in process integration.

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A third Micron d'Or ... A third Micron d'Or ...


A third Micron d'Or ...

Miniature, precise and technical is CG.Tec’s motto. Following this leitmotiv a third Micron d’Or (Golden Micron) was granted to CG.Tec on Micronora exhibition for a lab-on-a-chip presenting 7 micron details out of injection.

To successfully achieve this result CG.Tec entered in partnership with several universities, research centers and companies.

With this major technological progress CG.Tec proved that injection-molding is a serious alternative to hot-embossing. Produced at a high throughput parts are cost effective. A chance for the development of microfluidics. DSCF8508

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Integration of Micro details in lab-on-chips Integration of Micro details in lab-on-chips


Integration of Micro details in lab-on-chips

An article has been published in the INNO Magazine (IVAM network), Vol. 19, N°59, summer 2014

It describes the integration of Micro details in lab-on-chips out of injection-molding

p11 INNO

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A new Injection machine for our workshops A new Injection machine for our workshops


A new Injection machine for our workshops

By the end of 2013, CG.TEC acquired a new Arburg injection machine dedicated to micro-injection.

This new generation machine presents several advantages:


First of all: an optimal performance. The shot volume is reduced thanks to the smaller screw of 8mm (previously: 12mm). As a matter of fact, this creates a competitive advantage for expensive materials such as PEEK.


Using a smaller screw also improves the part reproducibility  as  the dwell time of the melt is shortened during plasticizing.


This new piece of equipment perfectly fits with our core business: miniature injected parts.


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New website for CG.Tec Injection New website for CG.Tec Injection


New website for CG.Tec Injection

To stick to innovations, CG.TEC has just launched its new website

In the previous version you could navigate through our applications, henceforth you can discover the company through the fields of expertise.

From the drop down menus, you can find our product portfolio and discover the means of realization, news, next trade fairs and find your contacts.

Thank you for your interest in our site, we wish you enjoyable browsing!

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CG.TEC will participate to the seminar Mecatronic Connection on December 11th and 12th (Aix les Bains (73), FRANCE)

The company will attend this event as a technology supplier during B to B appointments and thematic conferences.

Mechatronics combines mechanics, electronics and informatics at the same time. This association of know-hows is getting more and more important and helps companies to find new technologies.
CG.TEC will be available to bring solutions to those who are looking for solutions in technical plastics micro-injection and overmoulding projects.

For further information, you can find everything you need on the website:

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