An automated production

As an ISO IATF 16949 company, we manufacture customised tight-toleranced components for major international key players.

The molding process is studied with care be to cost effective: multi-cavity molds, automatic camera inspection and cavity sort out.


Process capability

We manufacture the multi-cavity molds on the latest machining centers and have a good grasp of statistical control means to guaranty a high repeatability and reproductitility in production.

Our team can adapt PPAP submission files depending on your needs. Early Production containment plans are operated according to GP12 procedures.

  • PPM<200
  • metrology equipmentCMM and OGP


Examples of realization

CG.TEC manufactures different parts for the automotive industry, out of thermoplastics (PEEK, PPS, PAMXD6, PBT, PA66) or thermosettings (PF): components for gazoline pumps, wheels for thermal management actuators, drives, seals, plugs

  • ISO IATF 16 949
  • Capability tests, R&R
  • PPAP submission files
  • SPC, CpK > 1.33
  • Continuous improvment, G8D
  • multi-cavity molds
  • Automated packaging