Quality management throughout the whole process

Certified ISO 9001, ISO IATF 16949, ISO 13485 : 2015, CG.TEC relies on established procedures during the project development.

Our designers carry out a risk analysis to evaluate the impact of the injection process on the part function (parting line, injection gate, ejectors, etc).


Quality can be measured and documented

At the project launch, common inspection procedures are defined and detailed in a control plan. It may be difficult to choose between functional or statistical control methods. Performing inspection on a micro-molded part or on micro-details is not an easy task. The project manager will guide you thanks to his sound experience, plus, he'll make sure to pick the best product distributors to work with. Capability studies are carried out to validate the control means in SPC.

The initial samples are delivered along with the submission file which was agreed upon (FAI review, PPAP, IQ/OQ/PQ). Full traceability is ensured at all production stages through the ERP.

  • PPM<200
  • Quality Team6 members

Precision inspection means

CG.TEC is equipped with two 3D measurement machines:

- A coordinate measurement machine (CMM) with touch-trigger probe

- A vision measurement machine.

This makes it possible to control micro-parts and check tolerances from 1/100 mm.

Depending on the client's needs, computer tomography may be carried out externally to validate the initial samples (porosity, shapes, etc).