Automated injection and overmolding

CG.TEC operates 22 Arburg presses from 15 to 100 T. The injection parameters are continuously checked to obtain consistent parts, possibly through sensors in the cavities.

Our production lines are fully automated with 3 and 6-axis robots to carry out camera inspection, possible dow-Stream operations and packaging.

Production in controled atmosphere ISO 7 or ISO 8 may be required for medical, electrical or automotive applications.

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highly engineed resins for demanding applications

CG.TEC has gained extensive experience in molding thermoplastics (PEEK, PPS, LCP, PEI, PPSU, etc) and thermosets (phenolics,). A specific expertise is required to build molds dedicated to highly-filled materials (fiber glass / carbon, glass micro-balls, mineral, PTFE).

  • 3 shifts24/5 production
  • Series5,000 to 12 millions of parts
  • Parts manufactured yearly77 millions

Precision in detail

Many parts show tolerances in the region of 20 µm. Achieving such precisions combine different capabilities: mold-making, their regular maintenance & part control to avoid possible drifts.

  • 22 Arburg presses 15 - 100 T
  • automated production
  • Cleanrooms ISO 7 & 8
  • Thermosets