From the idea to the product

Our engineering department helps you to define your part with as much added-value as possible.
Moldflow MPI rheology simulations are crossed-linked with our experience to determine the part feasibility. Such analysis enable us to design the part and the mold tooling to meet your quality requirements.


Design for Manufacture

Throughout the project, our process engineers advise you to obtain a consistent part with the maximum of integrated functions. Discussions about the resin, geometry, tolerances and the control means are carried out up-front.

Moreover every project starts with a risk analysis.

  • Team4 members

Production automation

Simultaneously we design the automation for a cost effective production. Additional operations may be foreseen before packaging the components: assembly, machining, laser marking, automatic control on the production line.

  • Moldflow analysis
  • Miniaturization
  • tight-tolerances
  • Feasability study
  • FMEA risk analysis
  • Drawing review