New website for CG.Tec Injection New website for CG.Tec Injection


New website for CG.Tec Injection

To stick to innovations, CG.TEC has just launched its new website

In the previous version you could navigate through our applications, henceforth you can discover the company through the fields of expertise.

From the drop down menus, you can find our product portfolio and discover the means of realization, news, next trade fairs and find your contacts.

Thank you for your interest in our site, we wish you enjoyable browsing!

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CG.TEC will participate to the seminar Mecatronic Connection on December 11th and 12th (Aix les Bains (73), FRANCE)

The company will attend this event as a technology supplier during B to B appointments and thematic conferences.

Mechatronics combines mechanics, electronics and informatics at the same time. This association of know-hows is getting more and more important and helps companies to find new technologies.
CG.TEC will be available to bring solutions to those who are looking for solutions in technical plastics micro-injection and overmoulding projects.

For further information, you can find everything you need on the website:

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After sixteen years of activity, CG.TEC still keeps consolidating its technical know-how and its financial bases. This year again, CG.Tec increased its capital by 50%, from one million to 1.5 million of Euros.

The limited company (SARL status) is managed by its two founders, shareholders and directors Denis Chouffot and Alain Germain.

The financial stability of CG.TEC is confirmed by the quotation G3+ awarded by the Bank of France to companies which are highly likely to meet their commitments.

As a matter of fact, regularly increasing the capital turns out to enhance the company’s credibility for its suppliers, clients and employees.

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La Presse Pontissalienne N°166, August 2013 La Presse Pontissalienne N°166, August 2013


La Presse Pontissalienne N°166, August 2013

In July, Sir Thomas Comte, journalist for La Presse Pontissalienne, interviewed Sir Alain Germain, co-founder of CG.TEC.

In a fully dedicated page, Mr. Germain explains his own vision of the corporate strategy.

To read this article click on the link below (in French)

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A patchwork of know-how in Franche-Comté A patchwork of know-how in Franche-Comté


A patchwork of know-how in Franche-Comté

Franche-Comté, first industrialized region of France, is well-known for its specialization in microtechnics and the precision of its production means.

The Regional Council of France-Comté wanted to highlight the assets and the know-how of the companies that make the international reputation of the region. These factories are listed in a book “Franche-Comté, Originale Créatrice” (published by the Belvedère editions in March 2013, available in libraries)

Along this book illustrated with pictures, we can discover a territory through its different industrial branches which combine technologies competences and creativity.
CG.Tec is represented through an example of realization (picture in the middle). The company who focuses on the injection of micro and technical parts with high tolerances is a good illustration of the territory specific know-how such SMES contributes to the visibility of the region.

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CG.TEC strengthens its infrastructure for medical applications CG.TEC strengthens its infrastructure for medical applications


CG.TEC strengthens its infrastructure for medical applications

Medical needs are diverse. However, a common specification is cleanliness.
To meet customers’ requirements, CG.Tec has just built an Iso 7 clean room. The sanitary level is ensured for automatic or semi-automatic production runs, in the presence of an operator.
Clean room environments are classified according to the European standard Iso 14644-1 that consists in measuring the quantity of particles per unit of volume: An Iso 7 clean room accepts ten times less particles than Iso 8. Figures are significant: 352 000 particles of 0.5µ are accepted in an Iso 7 when 3 520 000 particles are allowed in an Iso 8. These deposits can be brought in by the robot’s back and forth exchanges or by the human.
tableau particules
To minimize the intrusion of particles, clean rooms are built with a decontamination locked area. This is the compulsory path for anyone who wants to enter the room. Iso 7 legislation requires a white coat, a hairnet, a pair of gloves, disposable overshoes and a mask. An ionizer pistol eliminates static electricity, source of deposits. Cardboard boxes and oxydable materials are forbidden inside the room; plastic bags can be used with caution after sterilization.
The area must be barrier-free to allow a efficient air-flow circulation.flux
An electronic box is placed outside the room to control the laminar flows and the respect of the hygienic measures. Figures are recorded to ensure the air quality. Filters are renewed monthly.
CG.Tec keeps a close eye on the market. Financial independence allows the company to quickly meet customers’ needs.

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